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The Board of SES 

The Board of SES is the highest governing body of SES and is thus responsible for the smooth running of the association. As the face of SES, the Board represents the entire association and maintains our relations with the university as well as other study associations and partners. Every year the Board consists of 5 current SES members who occupy a different position within the board and who are very committed to the well-being of the association on top of being very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the association. The tasks of each board member are very diverse and range from chairing meetings, to managing the website, to keeping the association's finances in check, to social media management, to securing partnerships, etc. On top of their individual tasks, each board member coordinates two or more committees in order to ensure that everything is going as effectively as possible by providing general guidelines, providing close contact to the entirety of the board and generally advising and overseeing activities and events organised by the committees. All 5 board members participate in all the activities organised by our committees, both to enjoy them and in order to maintain close contact with all our members.  

The Current Board



Klára Jelínková

Office shift: Thursday

Ramun final picture.JPG


Ramun Seglias

office shift: Tuesday



eric final picture.JPG

Elisa den Ouden

Office shift: Friday


Paula Ozoliņa

Office shift: Monday


Eric Naegoie

Office shift: Wednesday

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