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SES boasts a total of 14 different committees that are responsible for differing types of events. There's no doubt that there is at least one or two that will spark your interest! Each committee consists of five to six members (with the exception of the FCC and the BSC). 


In order to join a committee, you will have to undergo an interview specifying which committee(s) you want to join, your motivation for applying and what you can specifically bring to a committee. Once you're in, you and your fellow committee members will with the help of your specific board coordinator, be responsible for organising your committee's relevant events for the rest of the academic year. 


Taking part in a SES committee requires dedication, a feeling of responsibility and a lot of team spirit, but most of all, you will have a tremendous amount of fun! Being part of a committee will roughly cost you between two to five hours a week, depending on what committee you're a part of and what position you occupy within the committee. 

As a committee member you will also acquire organisational as well as administrative skills that will help you throughout your entire life, not just within SES. It also looks great on your resume! 

Committee members often become good friends outside of the association, so you may make some great friendships by joining a SES committee. Most importantly, as a committee member, you automatically become an Active Member and thus earn the right to participate in the arguably best SES event of the year, the Active Members Weekend. 

Tip: Hover and click on the images to learn more about the specific committees 

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