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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee 2023/2024
From left to right: Klára Jelínková, Marieke Keiser, Antigoni Todi, Salvatore Tammaro, Yentle Van Iperen, Maria Freddi, max Onderka

The Conference Committee consists of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Commissioner of Location, a Commissioner of Acquisition and a Commissioner of General Affairs.

The Conference Committee organises one of the most important academic events of the year, the yearly Conference in which the committee invites several speakers to hold an interactive lecture type of conference that deals with contemporary European issues/topics. As a member of the Conference Committee you will be in constant contact with potential speakers and will have to make use of excellent persuasion skills!  The Conference is no easy thing to organise so you will have to be very committed and hard working. 

If the Conference Committee sounds like it's something for you, do not hesitate to apply for it! 

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