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Introduction Committee

Introduction Committee 2022/2023
From left to right: Alexandru Patrinichi, Ludmilla Krusteva, Willem Mooji, Yerin Park, Aron Drent, Isabell Beske

The Introduction Committee consists of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three Commissioners of General Affairs.

Signups for this committee open in February and the committee functions in the beginning of the next academic year. 

The Introduction Committee operates during the most important timeframe of the academic year for SES. At the start of the academic year, the Introduction Committee is tasked to organise several big events in order to draw in as many new SES members as possible. The most notable ones being the Introduction Party that is always done in collaboration with other associations and the highlight of the introduction period, The Introduction Weekend, which only first year SES members can sign up for. You can read more about the Introduction Weekend right here. The Introduction Committee is formed around February and officially starts working at the beginning of the following academic year. As such, as a committee member you will be required to prepare for the introduction period before and during the summer break. The introduction period is the busiest period of the year and is thus very stressful and demanding but you are not alone! You will work very closely with the new Board who will help you with all events. 

If you're a hardworking and social individual who would like to make the beginning of the year as memorable and as fun as possible for the new first years, this is the committee for you! 

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