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Weekend Committee

The first ever Weekend Committee 2022/2023
From left to right: Moritz Friedhofen, Benedek Granicz, Luca Ledro, Loic Johanns, Elena Welter, Alexandru Patrinichi, Fernando De Freitas

Introduced by the 38th Board in order to replace the outdated concept of the Hitchhike Committee. 

The Weekend Committee is the second most demanding SES committee after the Travel Committee, but just like the Travel Committee, you need people who are very hardworking and consistent. 

The Weekend Committee was created for all those who wish to go on something like the Study Trip, but are not willing to invest that much time and money into such a long trip. 

You will not just be in charge of organising the weekend, but you will also be responsible during the trip where you have to organise the activities, transport, accomodation and safety for up to fifty people.

If you love travelling and organising trips but think that the Travel Committee may be a bit much for you, the Weekend Committee is just the thing you've been looking for! 

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