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Party Committee

Party Committee 2022/2023
From left to right: Mattea Gerdenitsch, Cassandra von Schmelling, Phillipa Zinkler, Fiona Both, Sophia Bombeld, Isabell Beske

The Party committee will consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and a Commissioner of General Affairs.

The Party Committee, staying true to its name, organises several themed parties as well as themed borrels throughout the year, sometimes in collaboration with other associations and sometimes by itself. As a member of the Party Committee you cannot be complacent, because as soon as one party is over, you're immediately looking to organise another one! You have pretty much free reign on how and where to have your party, but of course you can never forget about the must haves, such as the Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Valentine's borrel, etc. As a member of the Party Committee you have to be hardworking, social and dedicated. 

If you're someone who likes to organise big parties, this is the committee for you! 

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