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Career Committee

Career committee .jpg
The Career Committee 2022/2023
From left to right: Julia Garay, Ludmilla Krusteva, Daria Ivan, Karen Split, Nadia Rezmires, Alexandra Hall Allen

The Career Committee consists of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Commissioner of Location, a Commissioner of Acquisition and a Commissioner of General Affairs.

The Career Committee is one of SES' academic focused committees. If you're part of this committee, you will help organise the traditional Career Dinner, in which you and your fellow committee members organise a dinner with former alumni, as well as experts and people with knowledge in all the majors that European Studies has to offer, such as Law, Economics, History, Culture and Politics. Last year the Career Committee also added Journalism into the mix, so I'm confident you will find something you'll like! 

If a Career Dinner (among other things) sounds like something you'd like to organise, don't hesitate to apply for the Career Committee! 

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